A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Love to me is connection. A joining of two different people, coming together to make one life. I like to reflect this in my designs. By joining the hard and soft, rustic with modern, industrial with elegance. With Urban Blush, I get to create custom experiences that celebrates this union. I've spent over twelve years in the wedding industry, both in Utah and on the East Coast. Trends come and go, one thing never gets old: the pure excitement and joy when you see a couple in love, when they spend that day sharing joy with those they love. I also know how incredibly stressful the planning process can be. That's where Urban Blush comes in. Whether you are a DIY Darling, and want to rent your decor, or simply want someone to guide you along the way, let Urban Blush be the one you turn to. 

Founder & Designer