DIY Pick Up

  • Together we work out a time for you to pick up your order the day before your event. This can help take care of a lot on the big day. 

  • When you arrive to pick up your items, we go over your list of inventory with you, and give you any instructions you may need to put things together (i.e. our Geometric Arch)

  • Your items are due back the day after your event by 7:30 pm. If your event is on a Saturday, then they would be due on Monday. 

Curbside Delivery

  • Your entire order packed and delivered to one location of your choosing.

  • We go over your order with you or a designated person before delivery.

  • You pack it back up

  • We will return at the end of your event to pick up your rented items

  • Delivery starts at $45. Contact us to get a custom quote for your event.

Delivery & Styling

  • Your entire order packed and delivered to location(s) of your choosing.

  • Having gone over the design plan with you, let us do the hard part. We put everything together down to the smallest detail. This may include only partial set-up (our Geometric Arch does require us to set it up) to a complete event set up. 

  • Once set up is complete, we leave you to enjoy the party you've worked so hard to put together. 

  • We return at the end of the event. We pack up your entire rented order, leaving you to finish the party without all the pain of packing everything up. 

  • Set up starts at $500. Contact us to get a custom quote for your event.